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IBM Cognos Solution Design and Implementation

AWM provides a full IBM Cognos design and implementation service. We have experience with designing and installing both Windows and Unix products and can fast-track you to a working solution. We can provide assistance whether you need technical support for an existing installation or a full business analytics solution.

IBM Cognos tools can be installed in components or all at once - see the latest IBM Cognos tools for more information.

Reporting & Dashboards – Report Studio & Query Studio – Allows users full Web report creation from any networked PC. No more client installs – even end users can get easy-to-use dynamic drill-down consumer reports.

Analysis Services – Fast and easy OLAP (online analytical processing) or analysis on the Web allows users to quickly interogate and analyze data quickly and easily.

Event management – Set user-defined triggers that can send out notification when issues arise via email, reports, and even SMS.

Budgeting and planning – Provide a complete business planning cycle in action with IBM Cognos enterprise TM1 planning and consolidation tools.

Data Warehousing - Full data warehousing implementation and development available.   See Data Warehousing below for further information.

Get the most out of IBM Cognos products today - contact us for a demo.


Data Warehousing

Detailed Data Architecture:

Data warehousing is driven by two main factors: productivity in developing the initial solution, and long-term maintenance of the data mart solution. AWM have adapted the best practice in data warehousing concepts from industry leaders such as Kimball and Devlin along with leading development concepts such as Agile in order to create rapid data warehousing apporach.  Our approach delivers fast, flexible and easy to use three tier data architecture. The system - consisting of Staging, Enterprise and Presentation layers - allows specific benefits to be achieved in each layer and leaves uses with a fast and easy to navigate solution.

Tier One: Staging

This is the first stage of the process – the key tables needed for reporting are replicated into the warehouse architecture with minimal changes (some value add such as data source identification and extraction date). Other data sources can be added from budget spreadsheets, access databases & flat data files to large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) or from distributed databases in multiple locations.

Tier Two: Enterprise

The Enterprise layer is the second layer of the data architecture process. This layer conforms the data to a standard database structure in a form useful for analysis, and is largely de-normalised. It is built so that it organisations data by facts and dimensions by common business reporting needs (such as date, company structure, products), by business functions (Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance) and by reporting requirements to answer the Who, What, Where and Why.

Tier Three: Presentation

The final layer is based on a conformed dimensional datamart architecture favoured by Ralph Kimball. This layer is largely hidden from business users but is useful the technical staff to ensure high performance of the end solution. It consists of a common set of conformed dimensions designed for performance and ease of reporting.  This layer allows for database optimisation, indexes in common business keys and ensures consistency across different reporting requirements. For the technical folk the presentation layer is a fully de-normalised datamart star schema design with indexes in all primary keys and all key tables joined on indexed values.



Investing time in staff and giving them the knowledge and the skills to perform their duties is crucial to the success of your organisation. Our training style ensures users get the most out of their chosen courses by offering a variety of training options to meet the individual needs of the user.

Customised training can be delivered on your own data, either in your own workplace or offsite. Training courses are adapted to explain the standard functionalities and to take advantage of your users’ familiarity with their own data. Because the courses are made more relevant to your workplace, it helps your trainees to learn faster and retain more information. If delivered on site, users can return to their desks with immediate access to tangible and useable reports ready for consumption or distribution.



AWM offers a wide range of application and software support to meet the needs of our clients. Our phone support provides case management, call logging and tracking. The system simplifies the process and helps keep track of the software versions, users and common solutions to issues.

  • We provide standard telephone support from 9am – 5:30pm. Extended hours such as 7am –7pm coverage are also available.
  • Full remote access support via Broadband or dial-up is available to assist with diagnostics, trouble shooting, administrator or end user support.
  • On-site assistance is available as part of our comprehensive support service.


Financial Planning & Consolidation

The information challenges to the financial market are immense. Banks, Investment Houses and Insurance Organisations need to win and retain new clients. Pressures from both the local and global market drive the need to identify accurate information about clients and divisions both regionally and on a worldwide basis. There is a need to consolidate the revenue of all trading accounts on a daily basis. It is vital to formulate an accurate picture of the operational position, the sales and trading activity, and all-important clients.

AWM deliver headstart analysis for ...

  • Consolidated Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, Fixed Assets for major vendors such as Oracle, Sun, Cedar, etc).
  • Performance Monitoring & Scorecarding
  • Management Control & Compliance Monitoring
  • Sale, Marketing & Campaign Management
  • Product-Market Innovation
  • Travel & Expense Management
  • Financial Service Chain
  • Productivity & Operations Analysis


Health Check

  • Had IBM Cognos installed for a long time and wondering if things could be running better?
  • Just about to start a new development but worried about the lack of night processing time left?
  • Completed a large installation and want an external perspective?
  • Want to upgrade your BI but don’t know where best to invest due to limited resources?

The health check service offers a fresh perspective from industry experts to help clarify the best route forward based on your business needs and the software’s capabilities. The aims can be twofold: firstly to help get the best out of existing software, or secondly, to identify gaps in the software, solution or business process and develop a solution to address these needs.


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