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IBM COGNOS 10 Software - Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning and Data Warehousing

IBM Cognos 10 - One product with full Business Intelligence capabilities: Reporting, Analysis, scorecarding, dashboards, event notification and data warehousing.

  • Reporting – Full advanced Web-based report authoring and creation
  • Analysis – Advanced online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes quickly answer complex analysis, and can provide trending data and information from large data volumes in seconds.
  • Scorecarding – Allows users to own and track metrics. Integrated user-defined relationships between metrics that roll up to key management metrics.
  • Dashboards – High-impact visual information that is supported and integrated with the IBM Cognos 8 reporting and analysis tools.
  • Event Management – Get notified only when you need to! Rather than masses of weekly and monthly reports, you will be sent information only when your user defined criteria is met.
  • Data Integration – A fully integrated Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) tool, IBM Cognos 8 Data Manager (DM) optimises and creates data marts for fast and easy reporting. DM consolidates data from multiple sources and integrates data with business rules to create organisation-specific data structures such as a custom organisation hierarchy or chart of accounts.

IBM Cognos 10 Planning – Integrated planning software to define, build and plan for an organisation.

IBM Cognos Controller – Web based consolidation and financial reporting tool. Accommodates multiple diverse ledgers, supports Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 and allows multiple reporting and consolidation standards such as US-based GAAP.

IBM SmartCloud with IBM Cognos 10 Software - Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning and Data Warehousing

IBM Smartcloud -   Cloud computing is changing the way people and organisations use technology.  By providing instant availability to services and products customers can train, test and use cloud technology with little or no investment and they can be up and running in minutes.

IBM Smartcloud technology provides a cost effective platform for IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, data warehousing and planning solutions to be up and running in minutes.  The Smartcloud platform offers outstanding performance, scalability and reliability now available to all organisations large or small.

If you think Cloud computing is for you, contact us and see how easy it is to use.

Housing Management

Managing thousands of properties, from private houses to council flats, is no simple task. Keeping track of each home and every property, all with different rent and service charges, different ages and conditions, and with varying restrictions and legal implications, is a constant challenge. To ensure the properties are properly maintained, tenants’ needs are met, suppliers are monitored and vacancies reduced, a substantial amount of collating, storing and analysing of volumes of information is required. There are many challenges including: the time and effort preparing the information, different versions of reports and the difficulty in accessing and using the collated information in an easy and effective way. With such a large and varied client and supplier base, it is essential that social landlords are able to keep track of maintenance, payments and other key metrics attached to every property under management.

Our Key Reports Solution provides a fast solution to information needs. By using a modular approach we can deliver essential information on Rent, Arrears, Maintenance, Voids and Finance quickly and easily.

Each module comes complete with the facility to automatically extract and process raw data from the standard housing applications such as IBS, Orchard, Comino, Anite and Academy.

Want more information about Key Reports Housing Solution?
Download the English Churches Housing Group case study


Higher Education & University

AWM has helped universities and higher education institutions improve their business processes by efficiently providing simple to understand, up-to-date information. We can provide a full IBM Cognos 8 reporting infrastructure and solutions for both financial and student statistical reporting. Users are able to obtain the full picture of information, updated daily and available on any Web-connected PC.

Solutions can include provision of a full multi-server Unix or Windows Web-based IBM Cognos 8 infrastructure, a data warehouse to transform data into a user-friendly format, and end user tools such as automatic bursting to allow efficient delivery of information to hundreds of users.

The end solution allows schools, departments and colleges secure access to information quickly and easily through a browser. Results are available in seconds, data is processed daily, and all users can access one consistent shared information set.



Not-for-profit and charities operate under unique guidelines and regulations and therefore have special reporting requirements. AWM has worked for many not-for-profit and charity organisations. We understand the importance of servicing your customers or supporters in a cost-effective way. Our aim is to help your organisation make the most out of its resources. We help save time and effort in information preparation and collation by automating data aggregation, collation and reporting. Staff no longer need to spend time preparing, aggregating, consolidating and distributing reports; instead they can spend time focusing on the core functional activities such as fund-raising, project management or supporter service delivery.

Our solutions include key reports for membership management, subscription monitoring and customer relationship management (CRM).

For more information on charity assistance see the Charity Aid Foundation.


Solutions for Finance

The information challenges to the financial market are immense. Banks, Investment Houses and Insurance Organisations need to win and retain new clients. Financiers operate in a global market where there is a real drive to identify accurate worldwide information and consolidate the revenue of all trading accounts to gain an accurate picture of the retail needs and the trading areas of their most important clients. AWM deliver headstart analysis for ...

  • Consolidated Financials
  • Travel & Expense Management
  • Management Control
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Product-Market Innovation
  • Financial Service Chain
  • Performance Monitoring & Scorecarding
  • Productivity Excellence


Wholesale & Retail

Keeping track of sales, inventory and stock movements can be a daily challenge. Our wholesale & retail solution allows management to track inventory and sales on a daily basis. You will be given the tools to analyse trends, spot stock shortages and help plan for the peaks and troughs that every business experiences. The Sales module tracks sales by product, region, sales rep, store, and product type. The inventory module provides a current and a time-trended view of the stock position and allows you to understand the current position and the trends that impact your business.


Call Centre & Service Centre

You need to manage and monitor call and service centre applications, suppliers, and service providers against SLAs. We can help you to get reports, exception alerts and an analysis of service levels delivered to clients and customers. Managing a call centre presents the constant challenge of improving throughput, maintaining quality and trying to fix problems first time round. Conflicting metrics of average call time, number of first time fixes and number of repeat calls all impact the overall quality of the experience.

To help understand the service levels being delivered by suppliers or experienced by customers our call centre and service monitoring application helps track the key metrics which occur in call and service centres. The tools report the number of outstanding calls by priority, service provider, if the Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been breached and if so, by how much.

Some of the Key Metrics provided:

  • Number of outstanding calls, which can be sorted by priority, level and duration of breach, supplier or asset type.
  • Number of calls or changes completed in time.
  • Number of calls within or outside a service level agreement.
  • Average performance of a service provided or received by a customer.


For more information about any of the IBM Cognos products please contact us.



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