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I am new to Business Intelligence and I want to know more.
Experienced users have a look here.
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If you are new to Business Intelligence and not quite sure of the differences between OLAP and Business Intelligence, we can help clear up the jargon. The majority of our clients are new to this tool set.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is software designed to make information easy and accessible. The aim is to provide information to users in a format that is quick and easy to use. Broadly speaking it is a collection of technologies and applications for gathering, sorting, anlaysing and providing access to data to help users make better decisions. BI can include reporting, executive information systems, knowledge management, OLAP, forecasting, data mining, scorecarding and decision support.


  • Fast efficient and automated reporting.
  • One version of the truth, automatically updated daily, delivered to users automatically, fast reports in seconds rather than minutes or hours. Available in both Client & Web interface.

General Implementation Time

Implementation time ranges from six weeks to over a year depending on the level of complexity and size of the business. General guides to complexity include the number of business areas, the size, number and complexity of the data sources and the range of information to be delivered.


Again this ranges with complexity from a short one day healthcheck to several months for a complex implementation.


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