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Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 I have PowerPlay & Impromptu Web reports; what can I upgrade to on Series 8?

A1 PowerPlay cubes can be migrated to Series 8 with no change. Similarly the PowerPlay portal reports, Impromptu source reports and PowerPlay Web reports can be migrated. Bear in mind that Impromptu client reports are used to publish Impromptu Web reports, so in this case source reports are migrated and automatically republished to the IBM Cognos 8 Web.

Q2 What migration tools can be used to move from Version 7 to Version 8?

A2 There are specific migration tools to move to ReportNet 1.1, IBM Cognos 8 MR1 and IBM Cognos 8 MR2. Make sure you are using the correct version of the migration tool or upgrade your target system to the current version before migrating older reports.

Q3 How can I burst reports?

A3 Burst reporting is a function which is built into IBM Cognos 8. There are generally two key steps. The fist step is to create the report you want to burst and make sure you include the key burst criteria, such as Department Code. The burst code should be a unique value you can group on. Secondly you need to feed the burst criteria, which will be a specific file format (as per the user guide). This needs to contain the burst criteria column (e.g. department), the email addresses or folders and the CAMID, which is the internal ID of the burst criteria folder (e.g. Department folder).


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