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Advanced Work Management was a key service provider to Enterprise Information Management Ltd., which was based in Cheshire, UK. AWM is now servicing clients directly from its offices in London. Over the last six years, we have worked on diverse projects with a wide range of clients, including:

  • Telecoms - BT (British Telecom) Performance Monitoring
  • Retail - Marks and Spencer (Service Centre)
  • Insurance & Pensions – Financial, HR & Operations
  • Application Service Providers (ASPs) – Financial and system Performance Monitoring
  • Utilities – Finance analysis for large electric providers
  • Housing & Social Landlord



British Telecom

We implemented a performance monitoring solution to help track the performance of the BT network. The system, jointly built with BTexact, fed information into a data warehouse to supply IBM Cognos Dashboard reports using PowerPlay, Impromptu and ReportNet. The solution provided information for annual, monthly, daily and even hourly performance monitoring.


Retail & IT

Major UK wholesaler

We built a data warehouse to collect sales and inventory information from 15 different distribution sites. The IBM Cognos reporting solution allowed the organisation to avoid replacing their main sales and inventory system.


Housing Management

Managing thousands of properties, from private houses to council flats, is no simple task. Keeping track of each home and every property, all with different rent and service charges, different ages and conditions, and with varying restrictions and legal implications, is a constant challenge. To ensure the properties are properly maintained, tenants’ needs are met, suppliers are monitored and vacancies reduced, a substantial amount of collating, storing and analysing of volumes of information is required. There are many challenges including: the time and effort preparing the information, different versions of reports and the difficulty in accessing and using the collated information in an easy and effective way. With such a large and varied client and supplier base, it is essential that social landlords are able to keep track of maintenance, payments and other key metrics attached to every property under management.

Our Key Reports Solution provides a fast solution to information needs. By using a modular approach we can deliver essential information on Rent, Arrears, Maintenance, Voids and Finance quickly and easily.

Each module comes complete with the facility to automatically extract and process raw data from the standard housing applications such as IBS, Orchard, Comino, Anite and Academy.

Want more information about Key Reports Housing Solution?
Download the English Churches Housing Group case study


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