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Advanced Work Management Trails BI in the Cloud with IBM "SmartCloud"

AWM has tried IBM's new SmartCloud service and the results are better than expected.  The IBM SmartCloud service provides rapid deployment of infrastructure to help companies quickly respond to demand. It also allows companies to buy cloud server capability on a pay as you go basis.  You can use it by the month, week or just an hour.  Having tested this with the latest IBM Cognos 10 and SQL Server 2008, performance was fantastic.  Upload speeds were my initial concern but after uploading 500,000 rows in in less than a minute that was put to rest.  Response time for the application was great, and moving data between servers again exceeded expectations, with 2Gb file data movement between EU and USA running consistently at 30 - 45 Mb/s.  Importantly cloud servers can be set up and contained to any of five regions including the EU, USA or Asia to comply with data protection rules.  The Cloud is finally here and ready for enterprise use.


AWM is a leader in effective implementation of Business Intelligence. Our approach to integrating BI with the business process ensures clients get the maximum benefit from the technology and their investment. Users can focus their attention on the core activity knowing the information is correct.

By recognising the need to integrate business intelligence and business process we are able to build solutions that can quickly adapt to changes in the environment yet provide robust reporting for a wide user community.

Our goal is simple: to provide the best available information in a timely, reliable, accurate and easy to use format. Seeing information quickly and easily saves time, improves end user performance and allows individuals to focus on the key areas of their business.


About AWM

Advanced Work Management (AWM) was founded in 1998. Our aim is to build quality Business Intelligence solutions that stand the test of time. To achieve this we invest our time to understand your organisation, its people, processes and information needs.

We were the first to recognize the potential benefits in linking the concepts of Enterprise Information Management and business processes analysis together. Over ten years later AWM continues to lead in best practices for data warehousing and integrated reporting, information, and Business Intelligence solutions for the IBM Cognos tool set. We regard our objective as providing easy access to information that helps users directly improve their current processes.

Our goal is simple but effective: to make information available in a timely, reliable, accurate and easy-to-use format anywhere that users require it. Making information easy to access and simple to understand enables people to fundamentally improve their work culture and easily progress in the way they operate.

From full solutions to training, AWM offers the full range of services for your enterprise information needs.


Why AWM?

Our primary goal at AWM is to build lasting solutions that help our customers improve their organisational processes. To achieve this we work at developing strong and lasting customer relationships. Through this process we are able to gain an in-depth knowledge of your business and help you discover which factors are truly affecting your bottom line. Our aim is complete customer satisfaction culminating in a system which YOUR organisation deserves.

Why should your organisation choose Advanced Work Management?

Our Business Intelligence Tools. Your company already has more than enough data, what it needs is to be able to discover the facts that drive your business. Business Intelligence is about turning volumes of data into meaningful information and providing decision-makers with the tools and intelligence which allows them to make better decisions on a daily basis. Find out how you can improve processes, gain competitive advantage, enjoy lower costs, find vital information more efficiently and increase the return from your investment in time, people and funds.


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